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A marvelous and busy world with the bees working constantly to deliver products of high nutritional value for all of us.

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bee products

We produce, process and trade excellent quality bee products.

From the plains and mountains of the Greek Macedonian land, our bees collect the nectar of nature to offer you delicious honey.

Our honey is not a product of processing. It depends on the blossom and the preferences of bees, so the taste may vary in each collection.

Crystallization is a natural phenomenon of pure honey and comes from the pollen it contains. Just place the jar in warm water.

To designate honey with a plant name it must come from pollens of the specific plant for at least 70%.

Why to choose b-honey

  • Because it is a natural product without impurities and preservatives
  • Because our bees graze on the paradise of flowers
  • Because you have a choice of a variety of flavors
  • Because what I buy is what I bought
  • Because you buy from a producer rather than a merchant, thus enhancing the primary sector of our country
  • Because our quality is supreme
  • Because b-honey is… a lifestyle!!!


organic product

Beneficial properties of honey

  • regulates human metabolism
  • strengthens the immune system
  • improves blood composition
  • helps to treat insomnia
  • gives energy and strength to the body

Want to know more about honey? How do we distinguish good honey for example? What are its benefits? These and other useful information from the wonderland of the bee.


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The Process

How honey is produced

Honey production is a complex and unique process that is achieved in many stages

If you have worked professionally or amateurishly with the honey production process you can confirm it. However, the reward is enormous for all of us who love bees and admire their work.

01. Flowers and trees produce nectar and attract our bees

02. The bees collect the nectar and carry it to the hive

03. Bees seal the hives with wax and honey matures

04. We collect the product and pack it in our laboratory

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