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Which pollen is allergenic and which is not.

Pollen is the male component of flower fertilization. There are two kinds of pollen, the neo-phile and the entomophile. The first is transported by wind and is abundant. It does not contain the necessary nutrients and is responsible for many of the spring allergies. On the other hand, the entomophile pollen is transported by bees and fermented by the nectar to make it fruity and form the bead with which it is stored in the beehive.

The perpetrator of known allergies is ANEMOFILI-pollen, that is airborne. Neo-polar pollen suspended in the air ends in the nasal cavity and there are various processes in the nasal cells, after which the martyrdom begins with the allergic reaction.

However, the INSULATED-pollen, the one that has been gathered by bees, is sticky and does not fly. Bees, in their effort to form and secure their cargo, add to the pollen a little saliva and nectar, which helps to destroy allergenic factors! However, in any case, always ask your doctor.